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Business Development, Professional Coaching, and Financial Education


Capital, Investors, and Partnership Opportunities





(10 am – 2 pm)

Social Justice Summit & Job Fair

Join the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) and Social Equity LA at the first annual Social Justice Summit & Job Fair, which will focus on economic, social, emotional, and mental health of individuals currently and formerly incarcerated and communities, disproportionately impacted by the “war on drugs”.

The Social Justice Summit & Job Fair will provide:

  1. Legislative / Policy Updates – City of Los Angeles and California updates on key issues and bills, including Prop 47 and other relevant policies.
  2. Educational Panels & Workshops – Public education and information for individuals, topics include economic, social, emotional, and mental health.
  3. Resources & Program Information – Over 40 free public and private partners, resources and programs.
  4. Restorative Justice & Workforce Development – Onsite employment, resume assistance and expungement and reentry services.



(10 am – 2 pm)

How to Start Your Own Cannabiz – Compliance, Testing & Safety Workshop

Join Assemblyman Reggie Jones-Sawyer, CannaSafe, WebJoint and Social Equity LA for a FREE Cannabis Business Development Workshop focused on Compliance, Testing and Safety. 

Social Equity Program Licensees, Candidates and Applicants will learn how to stay compliant and safe, while thriving in the cannabis industry. This workshop will focus on: 

  1. Employment Laws for California Employer (EDD)
  2. Cannabis Business Compliance (METRC)
  3. Cannabis Testing, Safety & Best Practices



(10 am – 2 pm)

Women in Cannabiz – Investment Forum

Social Equity LA is Exited to host a Women in Cannabiz – Investment Forum Meet powerful women owners & experts leading the cannabis industry!
Social Equity LA is excited to host a FREE Women in Cannabiz – Investment Forum.
This event will discuss :
1.) Investment Opportunities, 2.) Access to Financial Services (including banking); and 3.) Resources and Community Building for women.



(9 am – 2 pm)


HOW TO START YOUR OWN CANNABIZ – Business and Legal Workshop

The event will focus on:

Licensing Updates – State and Local

Cannabiz 101 (What you need to know to start your own business in the cannabis industry)

Cannabis Business Development – How to Start a cannabis business in the State of California

Legal Resources (one-on-one assistance)


(10 am – 1 pm)

Women in Cannabiz – Brunch & Networking Event

Come meet powerful Women that have been impacted by the failed “war on drugs” and are now LEADING THE CANNABIS INDUSTRY IN LA!


(10 am – 4 pm) 

State of Cannabiz – 2019 Legislative Update & B2B Expo @ L.A. Convention Center

Collective Strategies, Social Equity LA and the California Cannabis Coalition invite you to the inaugural State of Cannabiz – 2019 Legislative Update & B2B Expo to come learn about the current state of legislation and gain expertise from cannabis businesses across the supply chain, from cultivation to retail.



(6:00 pm – 9:00 pm)

How to Start Your Own CannaBiz! Legal and Business Workshop @ USC Marshall School of Business

Join Social Equity LA, Cannabis Advising Partners (CAP) and other professionals to learn how to get into the business of cannabis. Come find out about: 1. Licensing updates (State and Local), 2. Social equity programs, and 3. What you need to know to start your own business in the cannabis industry.



City of Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulation

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